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Bounty Recipient Information

NAPA TRACS Bounties are paid as follows:

Mitchell PRODemand Rental or Sale - $50 Bounty
TRACS LINK or NET Software (w/ or w/out Mitchell PRODemand) - Rental - $50 Bounty
Demandforce or MechanicNet- Subscription - $50 Bounty
TRACS LINK or NET Software - Sale - $100 Bounty
TRACS LINK or NET System w/ hardware & Mitchell PRODemand - Sale - $150 Bounty

This promotion is valid on any TRACS system sale or rental. All Bounties are paid via payroll inclusion, DC Credit, or check for all non-GPC employees. One bounty paid per system sale.

NOTE: IRS regulations require all non-GPC employees to complete a W-9 prior to receiving NAPA TRACS bounties. You may click on the NAPA TRACS W-9 link below to print a copy. Once completed, please fax the W-9 to the NAPA TRACS Secure fax # at 770-850-2326. If you have questions about completion of the W-9, please call Matthew Atkins at 770-850-2444.